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Smarts without smart contracts

No native NFTs on Kusama? No problem! With RMRK, we hacked around silly things like protocol limitations and common sense!


What is RMRK.app?

RMRK.app is a part of Kusama's broader NFT strategy and a way to abuse Kusama's system.remark extrinsic (?) to write custom notes onto the chain in a standardized and structured way. Basically, we graffiti the chain. These notes can represent NFTs, token sales, polls, collaborative drawing programs, even chat applications (yes, really!).

The $RMRK token

$RMRK is a governance, staking, and collateral token launched on the Statemint chain. It will be fairdropped to all current and future Kanaria egg holders but can also be purchased as part of our seed round until May 31st. Here's our deck.



Each NFT is part of a collection (think of collections like photo albums or "contexts" that combine NFT's into one whole). Each collection and each member NFT have some defined fields and metadata that can enrich their look, feel, and uniqueness.

The first official NFT collection is Kanaria, Kusama's Canaries, a limited set of NFTs represented as eggs from which different canaries will hatch after a certain block, depending on randomness from the blockchain itself and some outside influence in the form of emotes (reactions) to the NFTs.

The RMRK team can help you launch your NFT project for a flat fee, or a percentage of the sale's proceeds. If you'd like to explore options and talk to us about deploying your own RMRK-based NFT distribution platform, get in touch.

RMRK also has its own official UI, Singular. The full announcement with usage tutorial is in this post but the TLDR is that it's a UX-optimized minting and trading UI for Kusama-native NFTs. All you need is a Kusama address and a bit of KSM!


A poll can be declared and votes can be issued with chain remarks (special calls built into the tool we've made for this purpose). Additional logic can be added to the processing of these remarks so that poll results are processed differently based on token holdings, user's past chain reputation, and other weighing algorithms, all without needing a runtime upgrade or a smart contract.

The Web3 Foundation is using this approach to gauge sentiment behind the new Polkadot rebranding effort.

The RMRK team can help you launch your poll. If you'd like to explore options, get in touch.

Token sales (coming soon)

With RMRK, you can define a token sale and pre-allocate your project's token supply based on people's investments without needing smart contracts.

While there is indeed no automated distribution mechanic, i.e. the team will have to manually disperse tokens or build an interface for you to claim them, this trust factor is irrelevant since in traditional smart-contract based token sales you also trust the team to do something with the money and bring value to the token you purchased.

Making sense of Remarks

Because the system.remark is being abused to make this possible, extra care needs to be taken to properly read chain state and process only valid RMRK NFTs. More info in the standards section below or in the docs!


Standards exist to formalize the shape and form of remark-based NFTs and other types of entities. They're simple JSON structures written according to some rules detailed in the Specs Repo. Here's an example collection and an example NFT in that collection. Find out more in the Docs.

NFT Collection

Collection Definition

  "version": "RMRK1.0.0",
  "name": "Dot Leap Early Promoters",
  "max": 100,
  "issuer": "CpjsLDC1JFyrhm3ftC9Gs4QoyrkHKhZKtK7YqGTRFtTafgp",
  "symbol": "DLEP",
  "id": "0aff6865bed3a66b-DLEP",
  "metadata": "ipfs://ipfs/QmVgs8P4awhZpFXhkkgnCwBp4AdKRj3F9K58mCZ6fxvn3j"

Collection Metadata

  "description": "Everyone who promoted [Dot Leap](https://dotleap.substack.com) via the in-email Tweet link is eligible.",
  "attributes": [],
  "external_url": "https://rmrk.app/registry/0aff6865bed3a66b-DLEP",
  "image": "ipfs://ipfs/QmYcWFQCY1bAZ7ffRggt367McMN5gyZjXtribj5hzzeCWQ"


NFT Edition 15 Definition

  "collection": "0aff6865bed3a66b-DLEP",
  "name": "Early Promoters version 15",
  "instance": "DL15",
  "transferable": 1,
  "sn": "0000000000000001",
  "metadata": "ipfs://ipfs/QmavoTVbVHnGEUztnBT2p3rif3qBPeCfyyUE5v4Z7oFvs4"

NFT Edition 15 Metadata

    "external_url": "https://rmrk.app/registry/0aff6865bed3a66b-DLEP",
    "image": "ipfs://ipfs/QmSY3VzdNdAphEs51GW9QMAUotaX3Rf6WeGQkvPPVhEQ3B",
    "description": "Everyone who promoted Dot Leap via the in-email link in edition 15",
    "name": "Early Promoters version 15",
    "attributes": [],
    "background_color": "ffffff"

What next?

If you'd like to start implementing the RMRK standard, please consult the docs. If you're an artist or user and you'd just like to start using RMRK to mint some NFTs, visit our app. If you'd like to hire the RMRK team to do a token sale or NFT launch for you, or you'd just like to chat with us, send us an email via hello@rmrk.app!


After Kanaria wraps up, in no particular order:

  • Spec out and release RMRK 2.0
  • Abstract away open source reference implementation of tools and publish to community
  • Produce a SaaS-like endpoint for querying latest RMRK state
  • Introduce new RMRK services: Polls, Remark Curated Lists, Token Sales
  • Branch our to Kusama native NFT implementation, then Statemint, Unique, Moonbeam
  • Lead implementations into mobile wallets: imToken and Fearless in progress
  • RMRKET auction house
  • etc...

We'll be releasing more information about all of these efforts as time goes by.


I like to experiment with dragging Web2 devs by force into Web3, and by building things for modern blockchains. See my sideprojects over at Github.
Fullstack developer with over 10 years of experience who wants to contribute to building a better, safer and more decentralised web.
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